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Welcome to Sodus!

SodusThe Township of Sodus is more than just a location on the map. Sodus is located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario between the cities of Rochester and Syracuse in the northern Finger Lakes Region. The township's Villages have much to offer, including shops, restaurants, museums, and miles of scenic waterfront. The Sodus name comes from the Indian name "Assorodus" which means Silver Waters.

Today, the Township's location is more important than ever. Situated almost halfway between Rochester and Syracuse, quickly being discovered by commuters that want to take advantage of the easy access to route 104, which runs just to the north of the Village of Sodus and spans the Town from the East to the West.

SodusOn this website you will be able to find information about Sodus and its many opportunities. Sodus has it all, from beautiful Bed and Breakfasts to restaurants and ski slopes. Oh - don't forget the Lake with all the fishing opportunities, charter boats, marinas and more.

Sodus is truly a great American travel destination, but did you know that many of the surrounding towns offer endless scenic beauty and many family-oriented attractions? Come and visit us.

The following Website link has so much information about Sodus Point. "The Historic Sodus Point" Click here to read more.

Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse,
6135 North Geneva Road,

Found in a Booklet:
SODUS --- 1901.
An Atlas and Directory of the Town of Sodus and Sodus Bay. pg. 36

Purpose of this Website

This new redesigned website is a comprehensive, one-stop information source for the Town of Sodus, Village of Sodus, the Village of Sodus Point and the beautiful Hamlets within the Towns borders. We are very pleased to have this comprehensive web resource available to our user's, community and visitors. It will offer easy access to an abundance of knowledge and resources to help advance our mission to promote our Town, its Villages and Hamlets.

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